A word from a partnering nonprofit…

The Columbus Foundation Fellowship is one of those events where the moon, the stars and the universe seemed to align at just the right time. The Fellowship will provide us with one of those special opportunities that gets classified as icing on the cake.  The project provides our company with some wonderful exposure to the incredible talent that exists in our youth and specifically at our universities. 

More importantly it provides us with the luxury of implementing a project that is not essential to our day to day operation, but when completed has the potential of a state-wide and even national impact.  The project that our intern will be designing, developing and implementing is the production of a 10 minute DVD that will enlist individuals with developmental disabilities (that’s who we support) as the actors that will discuss in their language what their rights are (Bill of Rights for People with Developmental Disabilities).

Once produced, the DVD will be distributed to all 900 people that ADD currently supports and made available for purchase statewide and nationally.

The Fellowship is the best example of the possible connection(s) that can be made between the business (nonprofit), the foundation, and available academic resources with an end result of value added outcome(s).

Thank You for this wonderful opportunity.
Don Bashaw

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