A Week of Firsts

This has been quite the first week indeed, a lot of firsts really. I learned how to read maps for stream naming, what I need to find for the stream naming form, how to find a free conference call site, how to write a request letter to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and how to fix the phone line. Although fixing the phone line was not the most important thing I did, and really not all that impressive, the process was pretty satisfactory and the phone was fixed within an hour.

The week has been pretty crazy, and I’m learning that I need several calendars just to keep up with all of the appointments: two on my computer, random notes in my folder, and I’m pretty sure my brain is forming its own calendar like structure as well. Like in any business, people have several obligations all occurring at different times, making it difficult to schedule events. Since there are really only two people working in the office, I am learning a lot about networking and effective methods of communication. Even though we are the only two people in the office, there are a lot of members of the board and other people who work with FLOW that we need to contact and meet with.

Meeting with board members outside of the office is even more crucial because the woman I work with at the office will be leaving soon. This has changed some of my roles within the office. For one, it is more important that I can learn quickly and efficiently how things function in the office, so that I may do well without her presence. Secondly, my focus for the summer has changed from the Back Yard Conservation course to stream naming along the Olentangy River. Although this is not what I thought I would be working on initially, I am sure I will learn a lot, especially since I have no prior knowledge on the stream naming process.

Though this week started with a lot of firsts, it ended with a pleasant second: my second lunch at the Columbus Foundation. Listening to President Kridler talk about his journey to the Columbus Foundation made me think about my life and future career as well. It is important that I continue to challenge myself as I go on with school because challenges are an invaluable way for me to learn about myself and expand my ideas. My fellowship this summer fits very well into this mentality, as I am sure it will be challenging and has already proved in the first week to be a learning experience.
Kelsey – Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed

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Hey all! I'm in Copenhagen Denmark studying and journeying this semester and here are some tidbits about my life.
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