A Fellow in D.C.

In my last blog I wrote about the various opportunities I have had to engage in community outreach through my fellowship with Planned Parenthood. More recently, I was fortunate enough to continue this work on a national scale when I traveled with our organization to Washington D.C. for a three day Youth Organizing and Policy Conference.

The highlight of the conference was PPFA’s lobby day. I have always found the idea of lobbying to be somewhat intimidating, and perceived it as an act reserved for the “experts.” When I discovered we would be spending an entire day on Capitol Hill lobbying I was admittedly nervous. However, after learning more about what the process really involves and how I could participate meaningfully I was much more confident. Throughout the day we met with various offices and engaged in candid conversations with legislative aides and assistants. The experience was very informative and certainly something I would not have had the chance to do had I not been a summer fellow.

Since the preparation for, attendance of, and follow-up from the Youth Conference have dominated the majority of my office’s attention for the past several weeks time has flown by and I can hardly believe the seventh week of the fellowship is about to conclude. In the remaining three weeks, two other interns and I will be putting our efforts towards various other projects. However, I will certainly be using some of the knowledge and tools I acquired at the conference to inform my future work. I am excited to focus my attention on new endeavors and can only hope that the final three weeks of the fellowship go by more slowly than the past seven!

– Sara M.  Planned Parenthood

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