An Interesting Problem… And a Great Lesson

Since my last post, most of my time at Consider Biking has been spent working on the BikeColumbus Festival. When first planning the festival, we hoped for 200 riders for each event. As the weeks passed, however, registration continued to climb far past 200 per event – in the last week alone it practically doubled! While we were thrilled, it made that week quite hectic. Our biggest challenge, however, was one that might seem amusing now, but was definitely not at the time. Saturday morning, when we got to the park where the event was being held, we realized that the porta-potties we ordered had not been delivered. 500 people were going to bike as many as 120 miles and they had nowhere to go to the bathroom.

Boston’s Pizza, who was next to our venue, was kind enough to allow us to use their bathrooms, but, as the last rider left on their ride, the bathrooms flooded. Again, the 500 riders were going to return from extremely long bike rides and had nowhere to use the bathroom. We could still not get a hold of our porta-potty company, since it was 8am on a Saturday, but we noticed that a neighboring event had porta-potties. We called the emergency contact from their supplier, and they delivered the porta-potties five minutes before the first rider returned. The event, without exaggeration, had been saved.

I can definitely look back on this experience and know that, even if the problem seems devastating, something can usually be done to either alleviate it or fix it entirely. The festival and my entire experience with Consider Biking so far has helped me feel more prepared for what will come after I graduate. Entering my senior year, it has been nerve-racking to think about joining the “working world” and I cannot put into words what a relief it is to have already seen a bit of what it will be like.

With the festival over, I am looking forward to starting my next project, 2 by 2012, which aims to have employees in Columbus bike to work at least twice a month by 2012. We already have a lot of well-known companies and individuals (such as the mayor!) involved and it is exciting to know that I am participating in something that will impact much of Columbus. I am very lucky and thankful that I am able to work with an organization that is both related to my future goals and dedicated to something I fully believe in!

Stacy – Consider Biking

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