Not Just Your Typical Internship

At the beginning of the summer, I was excited to begin my internship at the ALS Association.  Since coming to college, I have been interested in the non-profit sector and I couldn’t wait to get some experience at a local non-profit organization.  But it wasn’t until the summer fellowship program started that I realized that this wasn’t going to be your typical internship.

Unlike my previous internships and those that some of my friends have this summer, at the ALS Association, I’m not just making copies and entering data, or working on a pretend project someone thought up.  My project, planning an education conference for healthcare professionals and ALS patients, is not only a very real project, but it also ties in nicely to what I’m studying at school.  Event planning really combines my two majors, marketing and logistics management, and I’ve learned just how much work goes into it!  I’ve also had the opportunity to get an inside look at how a non-profit is run and learned a lot about ALS at the same time.

As fellows, we not only get an in-depth insight into the non-profits we are working at, but we also have had the opportunity to learn about the non-profit community in general through the activities the Columbus Foundation has had for us.  This is what sets the Summer Fellowship Program apart from your typical internship.  We’ve had bi-weekly information sessions where we’ve learned about many different facets of the non-profit world and heard from some interesting speakers about their experiences.  Additionally hearing from the other fellows really adds to the experience because all of us are at very different organizations working on different kinds of projects.

It’s hard to believe the summer is coming to an end–I’ve only got one week left at the ALS Association.  These last nine weeks have just seemed to fly by! My Summer Fellowship has definitely been more than just your typical internship and I’ve had a great experience!

Kim S. – The ALS Association

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