Time Well Spent

The work that I have done this summer as a fellow at Planned Parenthood of Central Ohio has been thought provoking, informative and perhaps most importantly, energizing. I have been inspired by many of the individuals and organizations I have had the privilege to work and collaborate with over the past ten weeks. I can also say honestly that I have enjoyed every minute of my job. As we enter the lazy days of summer before school begins again, I am determined to keep this spark of enthusiasm for community outreach and nonprofit work alive. Luckily, I have a sense this will not be a very difficult task. I have already committed to coming back as a volunteer in the fall (it’s too hard to say goodbye!) and my various experiences have only reaffirmed my commitment to furthering social equality.  Although I certainly appreciate the few weeks I have to relax before my second year of graduate school commences, I am eager to get back into the classroom and explore the ways in which my experiences this summer can and should inform my scholarship. I believe that finding a balance between academic work, professional experience and personal passions is critical. The Columbus Foundation Summer Fellowship has certainly enabled me to bring each of these aspects into equilibrium and for that I feel very fortunate.
-Sara M.    Planned Parenthood
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