That’s a wrap!

Fast and Fabulous!  Those are the two words that have most frequently been said to me by the Fellows and by the nonprofit organizations that have participated in The Columbus Foundation’s Summer Fellowship Program.  And I can’t think of two better words myself.  It seems as if the time flew by for the program and I think we had a fabulous inaugural group of Fellows.  Initiating a program like this is not easy the first time around.  Lots of questions regarding everything from whether each fellow and nonprofit are the correct match?…….What do we do about sick time?……What if the payroll schedule doesn’t fit?……..and…. What happens if the Fellow and nonprofit can’t work together?  Thankfully these were not issue for us.  The good thing is that some of our Fellows have done such a great job the nonprofits want to figure out how to keep them on!  There is no better compliment to a program like this, or to the Fellows that represent it in the nonprofit community than the desire to create a permanent relationship.  We are already looking at next year and we are hoping that the next class of Fellows will measure up to the excellent class of 2010!.  Well done!!!

–Sandi Smith


Celebrating at the Summer Fellowship Finale Reception:

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1 Response to That’s a wrap!

  1. Dottie L. Henderson says:

    Sandi, congratulations on a successful program.

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