The end.

I’ll echo everyone else when I say I can’t believe it’s the end! My 10 weeks at Central Ohio Youth for Christ have been a whirlwind! Expanding the website to 3 times its current size, collecting in-kind donations from a variety of businesses around the city, and learning about all the incredible programs that make up COYFC have all been both exciting and exhausting. Thankfully, this week I really had time to reflect over my summer as I attended the regional conference of Youth for Christ in Indiana. At the conference, staff from all the YFC’s in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan came together for a time to both learn and celebrate the work that is going on throughout the organization. It was a perfect way for me to end my time here. I was able to see, not only what is happening in Columbus, but in our neighboring states. It was also a time to connect with other staff members in COYFC that I hadn’t had as much contact with over my 10 weeks. Needless to say, the retreat was bittersweet! I’m so thankful to have been welcomed into the COYFC family with open arms, yet it makes leaving that much harder. I’m so grateful to the Columbus Foundation for providing me with a summer fellowship that gave me real, practical experience, and connected me to an organization of people who have more passion about what they do than anyone I’ve ever worked with. I will no doubt remember the things I’ve learned this summer for a long time.

-Sarah S.

Central Ohio Youth for Christ

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