Never too Old to Learn

Education is a topic that always seems to be on the ballot, but never really receives the attention it deserves. Other movements, such as gay rights, abortion, economic crises, or environmental issues always seem to overpower it, and it fades into the background. As I continue to go back and forth and all types of sideways searching for a career, I have landed back at the topic of education. It really is an unlimited area of study. Every subject and career needs taught; someone is always a teacher at least once.
Not only is everyone a teacher, but he/she is also a student. Society focuses so much on educating children, which is important and I support that of course. But I also think there needs to be more focus on adult education. There is a huge technological gap among other things, and that needs to be addressed. In working with the Backyard Conservation Course, I have become more aware of how adults need to be educated on the importance of the environment and their role in the ecosystem they live in. Parents are frequently less educated on these issues while their children learn about them in school daily. Where should old paint or medicine be disposed of? Why should I use a reusable bag? These are questions that while could be easily looked up on the Internet or in the phone book often are not. I think a more accessible and better-advertised approach needs to be geared toward adults who grew up just dumping paint in the backyard creek or flushing meds down the toilet. If more people want to do what is ecologically better and know why they are doing it, it will not just be an environmental movement, for movements come and go, but it will be a way of living.


About kbridges12

Hey all! I'm in Copenhagen Denmark studying and journeying this semester and here are some tidbits about my life.
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