Hello to everyone!

My first week at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center I learned that my previous work in urban conversation was no match for what I’d be learning here.  That is where we got to the title of my post,  “Audubon DUCKLING”.  Eventually I will become an Audubon Swan, but only if I can figure out the  difference between Golden Rod and Poison Ivy! : ) I’m just kidding, on the other hand I actually have been learning a lot about the importance of bringing the wildlife into urban populations–and feel it may connect well with the work in food security I anticipate I’ll be doing somewhere in the next three years.

(here is the picture of the Grange Insurance  Audubon Center)




This week, we get our first set of campers and I’ve learned that I learn best when I am teaching, so my goal is to absorb like a sponge and hopefully get the most out of all my internship experiences. Our theme of ’Amazing Flyers’ should get the kids excited and ready to learn about bird species native to central Ohio.  I feel I have been placed well, my staff is amazing and I really have been accepted as a member of the team, not the copy machine running, stapling wizard that we all picture when we think “internship”.  That is why I am proud to participate in my FELLOWSHIP and excited for all the new endeavours it will bring. Untill next time, I’ll be somewhere in a forest becoming and educator!


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I am a Columbus Foundation Summer Fellow!
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