Greeting from a 2011 Fellow at Tech Corps!

My name is Ha Dang; I am a first year MBA student at Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University. Last week, I started my Summer Fellowship serving Tech Corps Ohio as a Marketing Intern.  The fellowship runs through August 19 and is sponsored by The Columbus Foundation.

My first week was wonderful! Besides the warm welcome I received from people in both organizations, The Columbus Foundation and Tech Corps, the highlight of the week was my time spent with the Techie Camp 3rd – 5th grade students on my first day and last day of the week. Techie Camp is one of Tech Corps’ summer programs.  I was inspired to see how happy the kids were when working with their Lego robots. I was completely blown away when watching these kids present their final products in front of their parents. I believed their parents felt extremely proud of them too. Not only did the student learn about building and programming robots, the Techie Camp kids also had a good time with each other once their robots were built.

Not all day was spent building and programming, they played arm-wrestling, car-racing, baseball game, online games and enjoyed blogging about how their days went. Not to my surprise, their last blogs all said the same thing: they were sad to leave Techie Camp and to leave their “best friends”. I was moved, with a little amusement, to see the kids exchanged their parent’s contact information with each other because they were not “old enough” to have their own.

This week’s experience reconfirms my inspiration about the mission of Tech Corps in preparing young generations to step into the high tech-era. I hope during my fellowship, I contribute my part toward the mission thus making a positive difference in the life of many people.

I did make an important step toward this goal this week, with my marketing strategy proposal which I presented to the Tech Corps National Director.  I received her approval to go forward with my ten-week project implementation plan.

My first week was productive and memorable. I am looking forward to such experiences in coming days.

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One Response to Greeting from a 2011 Fellow at Tech Corps!

  1. Jason Miller says:

    You are well aligned, Ha! Great to read your post.

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