My 1st Week!

My name is Sarah and I have completed the first week of my summer Fellowship! I have the pleasure of working with the Columbus Speech & Hearing Center (CSHC). The center offers many programs for people of all ages. From children to adults, the center has something to offer.

When I first thought of speech and hearing, the first thing to come to mind was deafness. It never occurred to me that there are adults who suffer from stuttering or other speech problems that may prevent him/her from obtaining employment. I never thought about children who may have problems interacting with others due to a speech or hearing problem, children who may not know how to share with others, or children who need help pronouncing certain sounds. So far, the CSHC has opened my eyes to simple things that I have overlooked in my day-to-day life. Because of this, I have grown to cherish these things more than I did before. Communication is the very foundation of how we interact with each other in the world, so if someone is unable to communicate his/her thoughts, feelings, etc. it can be very detrimental to his/her quality of life.

This week I have been focusing on observing what the center does and it is apparent that the CSHC is doing great things! Next week, I’ll tell you a little about the project I’m working on…see you then!

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