Another Op’nin’, Another Show

Like an actor preparing for dress rehearsal, the start of a new position makes you wonder if all of the pieces you know exist will come together? I am a PhD student in Arts Policy and Administration at The Ohio State University. My arts background is in performing arts, yet I was chosen to work at The Columbus Museum of Art. I was skeptical during the interview, but it quickly became clear, just as it does at the end of dress rehearsal, that the pieces somehow fit, and the show is going to be wonderful.

Just as in Kiss Me, Kate (where the song “Another Op’nin’, Another Show” comes from), I am in a play within a play. In my capacity as Summer Fun Coordinator, I am responsible for all of the family-friendly summer programming for PNC Arts Alive! Summer Fun. This means that I will also help manage all of the Summer Fun Interns. It’s all a little “meta,” but good times will be had by all.

Of course, prior to the start of any good show, a read through of the script is required. My orientation week was well-planned. I learned a lot, and each piece of information was not only important, but interesting. I spent my first few days learning about all of the cool art projects I’ll help families make, read some very intelligent articles about creativity and the way the brain works, and picked out a few of my favorite pieces of art in the various galleries. I also learned that a sweater is necessary (it’s cold), I will need to re-acclimate myself with pencils (pens aren’t allowed in the gallery), and that I’m “So In Love” with my new position.

~Brea M. Heidelberg

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