Relationships: The Fabric of Our Lives

This week, my fellowship reminded me of the importance of establishing and maintaining positive relationships. Throughout our lives, we work with a lot of different people to do a lot of amazing things. But the relationships we take away from our experiences last far longer than the work itself. This long-lasting nature of relationships is one of the big reasons that forming positive ones is so important.

We live in a small world. You never know when a contact from five years ago will pop up with the potential to present you with the opportunity of a lifetime. Odds are good that the quality of your relationship five years ago will determine whether the opportunity goes to you, or to your competitor.

There are many factors that have an influence on whether or not we will reach our potential. No one can change the world on their own and we all need other people to help us reach our goals. But we must never forget that the positive relationships we form along the way are key components in determining our success.

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1 Response to Relationships: The Fabric of Our Lives

  1. sarahp2011 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Ann. In this past two weeks, I have seen and experienced things that I will never forget. In order to really make a change or difference you have to look at it as a relay race. Each runner has a duty to run their stretch but when the last runner crosses the finish line, he/she cannot forget to look to the teammates who helped him get there. My nonprofit held a fundraiser this week and it reminds you that the relationships you hold with people can make a BIG impact, be it negative or positive. You never know who’s watching;-)

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