It’s all about Collaboration

Week 2 has definitely been about collaboration. On Tuesday, the Columbus Speech and Hearing Center held its 4th annual Great Communicators Golf Classic at the Kinsale Golf & Fitness Club in Powell. This fabulous fundraiser helped raise money for services and programs offered by the CSHC.

As a volunteer, I was placed at hole #8 which held the closest to the pin challenge. Coming from a person who didn’t know a thing about golf, I actually had a blast!! The golfers were full of energy and ready to have a good time. It was a great learning experience and with a little collaboration, we were all able to support a good cause while also having a little fun! Check out the pics and see for yourself!

Now, to the good stuff…for my project, I am focusing on recreating / updating the volunteer orientation process at the CSHC. The center offers many sessions for children and teens that are in need of speech and occupational therapy. The sessions can have anywhere between two to a dozen children in them at a time. Because of this, volunteers are much needed to assist clinicians in the sessions. So, we are working on a way to create the optimal experience for the volunteers, clinicians, and the children who are in the sessions. There are specific techniques the clinicians use to help the children learn and it is important that volunteers understand what role they play in that process.

I’ve been collecting great feedback from volunteers, clinicians, and parents. I will be sending out formal surveys to get more specific feedback and continue to tweak my ideas to create the optimal experience for all parties involved. But I can tell you now that it involves video, PowerPoint presentations, and lots of fun!!

I have an “ideal” timeline laid out for the progress of my project but I look forward to seeing how it actually pans out, lol…wish me luck and I’ll see you next week!

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