Week of Designing

It has been interesting for me to realize that I have a common theme for my activities at Tech Corps. Last week the common theme was about Designing.

After getting approval from the Tech Corps National Director for my marketing plan, I started the implementation phase of my project last week. The first part of this was designing a Brand Identity for Tech Corps. What is a Brand Identity? A simple explanation is everything associated with that brand (i.e. a corporate name) in its customer’s mind. An example of a strong branding identity is Coca Cola. As a consumer you remember this brand when you see its font or its color. Why is brand identity so critical? A strong brand identity can position a company above its competition. Brand identity is the reason customers choose one brand over another.

But having a brand that is strong takes time, money and effort to develop. For TECH CORPS, I consolidated all of its visual communication features, from its corporate logo (Tech Corps) to its products/programs logos (Techie Camp, Techie Club, Camp IT, Student Tech Corps), from its basic fonts to its identical colors. Using these branding features, I created a design for other Tech Corps communication materials such as letterhead (and footer), slides, table clothes, etc.  The designing process was so fun! I played with all designing techniques and tried different design settings. I will present my design proposal early this week and I am looking forward to hearing the feedback. .

Additionally, I visited a Techie Camp at the Wellington School. This camp was for middle school students grades 6th to 8th. They learned about programming. Using Alice 2.2 and Story Telling Alice they learned how to create animation stories and video games. I observed them playing with their characters, encouraged them to try different design functions and had fun with their learning. It was amazing to watch them demonstrating their final products after just one week of learning! (http://www.youtube.com/user/techcorpsohio#p/a/u/0/QWd-gDu9vNs).

There ends my second week at The Columbus Foundation Summer Fellowship program. The fun has not ended, though! More learning is expected in the coming weeks! I am getting the best and most out of my summer intern experience.

Ha Dang

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