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Hello! Another great week at Green Columbus has seemed to fly by! But as usual, there is much to report! Erin and I have decided to hold a pre-meeting meeting around mid-August to help plan our official first meeting of … Continue reading

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To be or not to be…that is the question!

This week I was sent on an emotional roller coaster. After potentially losing my film last week, I was hoping to get off to a great start this week. But, I guess it wasn’t meant to be…I drove into work and … Continue reading

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Greetings Fellows and friends! Today we hosted a luncheon at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center (I was upset I didn’t get a chance to run and find Shelley while I was there. Oh well, maybe I’ll make it there another time … Continue reading

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I found a new place to dwell: Woodchuck Motel

Perhaps you’ve seen it: Price of Progress? Changes in Weinland Park may chase away some residents. If not, take a look. The Dispatch‘s front page news yesterday was accompanied by some of the most recent drama in the saga that … Continue reading

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Week Six: Rhapsody in Zoo!

The Zoo was alive with music once again as the Columbus Jazz Orchestra took to the stage on July 22nd for a Gershwin-themed musical adventure! This week’s concert had so many elements, and featured many of the branches of Jazz … Continue reading

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Columbus has Zoo. Columbus has Jazz. And Columbus has JazZoo.

When talking about Columbus specialties or must-visit things, people often recommend Columbus Zoo–the top zoo in the US, and the local Jazz band. Last Friday, at one of the Columbus excursions for summer fellows, I experienced a two-in-one special offer: … Continue reading

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Communication, I have come to realize, is the key to everything. Another thing I have to come to realize is that communication becomes much more difficult when the people I am reaching out to are on completely opposite schedules than … Continue reading

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Week 6 – A Very Productive One

My experience at Tech Corps is getting more and more exciting. I am enjoying a steep learning curve and a power to get things done my own. As part of the annual report that I am working on, I had … Continue reading

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Birthday Blues (in Rhapsody)

Most of you probably do not know this, but today is my **rd birthday. And as birthdays tend to do, this day has caused me to reflect on why these milestones hold such significance in our lives. Birthdays are like … Continue reading

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Getting our Collaboration On!

Hello! So sorry for the delay in last week’s post! The reason this post is so late is because we have added a new member to our collaborative team! Leslie Strader works with the Mayor’s office and she is also working … Continue reading

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