New Tasks and New Ideas

Greetings fellows and friends! It’s been another excellent week here at MORPC! As my internship here progresses, I’ve found myself taking on new and exciting tasks. In addition to my regular work of researching and recruiting potential EcoSummit vendors, I have begun working on an upcoming luncheon that MORPC is holding at the end of the month for the local engineering community. Because it is a much, MUCH smaller event than EcoSummit I get to be involved on a larger scale. Thus far I’ve created an invitation that will be going out this week, drawn up follow-up plans and am currently in the process of hiring a caterer. It is exciting to see this event come together so quickly and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product!

The staff here at MORPC as well as the other organizations partnering on EcoSummit continue to be an invaluable resource in my work on EcoSummit. Lynn McCready of the Olentangy River Research Wetland’s Park has been a constant source of help in my research. I honestly don’t know where I would be without all the leads and contacts she has provided me with! Last week my boss Jerry and I sat down and he requested that I create goals for the rest of the summer now that I have been working here for three weeks and can make more reasonable and educated assessments of what needs to be done and what I should hope to accomplish in the time I have left here. It was so refreshing to have a supervisor look to me to create my own goals, and ask me for ideas and input rather than simply be expected to follow orders.

Well that’s all for now! Hope you have wonderful week!

Bailey-Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

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