Change, CHANge, CHANGE!!!

This blog is coming from a totally new spot then the previous ones!! I am here on site, at my desk with my computer!!! Who knew, I’d move up eventually. I am now considered an education and partnership coordinator intern.  I am no longer a camp counselor, although I do help with camp activities from time to time.  My new objectives include creating and carrying out a new summer jobs program that will help connect the urban youth within a five-mile radius of the Audubon center with a summer job with which they can take what they have learned from the Audubon center and secure a paying summer job. I have to develop a mission, meet with constituents, and interview youth who could qualify to be in this program.

I now have a goal and space to do it! I am so excited!! Yesterday my supervisor and I sat down to figure out a timeline for when my work is to be complete and I already have  survey due MONDAY!! So I will be rolling up my sleeves and getting to work.  Monday’s task is to complete a survey that I will administer to potentially qualified youth and check they have the eligibility, need, and desire to take what they’ve learned here back to their communities.  We will have three projects for them to do in the upcoming summers, rain barrels, rain gardens, and catch basin labeling.  All student will come to the Audubon center in order to train and they will then take their task to their community where they will complete the work.  Although this is an imaginary project that I will not actually pitch, I will be doing all the work up to that point and hopefully making sure its worth the time of the people I meet with.  Who knows? Maybe I’ll do a great job and someone else will pick it up and actually institute it.



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I am a Columbus Foundation Summer Fellow!
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