“Getting to Know You”

Although it is week four for many of the other fellows, due to a brief honeymoon hiatus, this is week three for me. Oddly enough, I spent most of my time in Athens (the real one in Greece, not the knock-off in Ohio) in museums. It was a great way to see how other places engage visitors, and I brought that knowledge (and a few souvenirs) back with me.

This past week, I got my feet wet with all of the programs that are a part of PNC Arts Alive! Summer Fun. But the best part was getting to know my interns. While they each have distinct personalities, they all share an ability to smile quickly, laugh often, and pitch in whenever I need them. In addition to sharing a passion for the arts, (both performing and visual) I get to talk about my addiction to coffee with Zach, talk about my love of travel with Pily, laugh at popular music lyrics with Caitlin, learn a thing about Photoshop from Nathan, and party vicariously through the fabulous Chelsea. Each of them are at interesting times in the middle of their academic careers, and I know that they will all find success.

I have learned a myriad of interesting things this week. We had an ice sculptor come in and show us his art from start (huge block of ice) to finish (painter’s pallet and paintbrush). I also learned that hot glue is not too hot if it gets on your fingers. There are still some mysteries I have yet to solve: Who am I going to get to come into the museum during August for Community Capers? and What exactly do overheated children smell like? I have it narrowed down to puppies and bologna, but there are a few extra smells in there I can’t quite put my finger on.

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