Half-Way Through the Fellowship

Time flies like an arrow. We are approaching the half-way mark of
my summer fellowship. My project at Tech Corps is entering the production
phase. My first “product” – Tech Corps Brand Identity Manual came out last week,
and next I will develop the Annual Report for fiscal year 2010-11.

Using my newly-learned skills with Photoshop I presented a more
well-designed draft of the Brand Identity Manual to the Tech Corps management.
I received their alignment on the proposed changes in the communication materials,
and program names; which will convey a better awareness about Tech Corps. Some
of these changes will require intervention from a professional designer, and I will
leave this work aside to move on with my other projects.

Tech Corps has not yet used an Annual Report as a marketing tool,
so, the need to produce a well-designed and informative Annual Report is part
of my plan. For years, people at Tech Corps; board, management, staff, and volunteers,
have produced many wonderful programs as they prepare students for the
high-tech era. However, one thing they need help with is recording these
accomplishments, celebrating their successes, and using these stories to promote
Tech Corps’ mission. I am excited, but also a little nervous, to work on this
task. I will be capturing the efforts of many people from the past and present
and I will do my best to present their achievements and accomplishments as
best I can. More importantly, I hope that this Annual Report will become
standard process for the coming years and people will continue to recognize
Tech Corps’ good work.

Tech Corps is a nonprofit agency. I believe my fellowship-internship at Tech Corps is providing me with intensive, hands-on
experience in marketing, much more than what I would have learned if I was working
with a for-profit organization. As a small organization with limited resources,
Tech Corps, like most nonprofits, needs help in a more end-to-end manner. The
management has given me freedom to pick and choose my projects and they have
counted on me to deliver the final product. I am developing multi-skills to
perform that end-to-end product and I am learning a new perspective about
marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations.

Summer is a busy time at Tech Corps. I have had to identify a way
to fit my work into the current operation. Sometimes I feel guilty of taking
away people time for my projects. I also have difficulty with proposing the most
feasible plan for Tech Corps considering their limited resources.

Yesterday at The Columbus Foundation, I learned about Strategic
Planning. I am thinking about a “game changing” strategy for engaging more
volunteers. I want to bring more help to Tech Corps. This will help with the
impact Tech Corps will have on the generations to come.

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