Ups and Downs

This week, I focused on narrowing down the key points of my project. I am working on a promotional piece for the volunteer program that needs to have key things that will attract volunteers to the center. I wanted a piece that involved current volunteers’ perspective on their experience at the center. Ideally, I wanted a video with volunteers introducing themselves and talking a little about what they do and why they enjoy volunteering at Columbus Speech & Hearing Center (CSHC). But, in trying to implement this idea I hit a few snags so I had to improvise. Luckily, in the survey I created many volunteers left extra comments about their experience at the CSHC. So this allowed me to use quotes from volunteers instead. It actually came out pretty neat and accomplished the same goal!

The second highlight of the week has been the pictures and film I have gathered for the orientation piece I am working on. I took a few photos so volunteers could see the facility beforehand and I filmed two speech/occupational therapy sessions.

LELP classroom (preschool program)

I used a Flip camera and a tabletop tripod from home and the video came out great! Due to privacy reasons, I can’t show it to you but it shows some really great interaction between therapists and children so volunteers can understand what their role will be once they begin volunteering at the CSHC.

But, I have encountered one small but HUGE issue with the playback of the video. The first day I downloaded it to my computer it played back just fine but when I came back on Thursday it would NOT play!! So, on Friday I had to find a way to transfer the files and uninstall the Flip software without losing the video. This week I plan to reinstall the software and hope it will playback, otherwise I have lost three hours of wonderful film!

SPOT room (For children's speech/occupational therapy sessions)

I am going to keep my fingers crossed about the video but in the mean time I hope you enjoyed a couple of the photos:-)

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