Week 6 – A Very Productive One

My experience at Tech Corps is getting more and more exciting. I am enjoying a steep learning curve and a power to get things done
my own.

As part of the annual report that I am working on, I had an
interview with a highlighted volunteer who has been volunteering for Tech Corps
for seven years. My main focus was about getting a passage of his volunteer’s experience
to share in the annual report. Then I came to realize that I could make a video clip
of his interview to post as a live document. Without second thought, I started
to learn video making techniques. The program I chose to use was the Ulead Video
Studio, which met my need of some certain techniques to make the interview clip.
I was quite happy with the progress I made so far and hopefully, my clip
can be posted to the Tech Corps website.

Another piece of work I completed this week was a first draft of all
main parts in the annual report. I encountered difficulty in obtaining enough information
to put in the report because this work had never been done in such a way before. I
had to use my creativity to process data and translate them into facts to
overcome the lack of information. This work was challenging but the result was inspiring.
I hope that my work will show a way for a more systematic work plan and review process
in the future that will help Tech Corps improve their workload and achieve more results.

Now I am heading to a meeting with the Tech Corps National
Director to gather information for another piece of the annual report. Tonight
I will enjoy an excursion with my fellows: JazZoo, Rhapsody in Zoo concert. I
am looking forward to a fun and happy Friday night to end this very-productive
week of mine.

Ha Dang

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