Columbus has Zoo. Columbus has Jazz. And Columbus has JazZoo.

When talking about Columbus specialties or must-visit
things, people often recommend Columbus Zoo–the top zoo in the US, and the local
Jazz band. Last Friday, at one of the Columbus excursions for summer fellows, I
experienced a two-in-one special offer: Jazz performance at the Columbus Zoo, so
called JazZoo! It was a truly amazing event which marked a memorial moment of my

My experience with the show was split into two parts: part
one was about musical Columbus Zoo’s remarks; part two was purely about jazz. These
two parts were clearly divided, not only by a break in between but most
importantly a change in the atmosphere when night darkened in the later one. Both
parts were blended into one event that successfully highlighted a special
taste of both. The show started at 8:00 p.m., while visual sense was dominant, to
bring the audiences into a musical introduction of Columbus Zoo’s exotic animals,
such as cheetah, African wild cats. With an incredible sense of humor, the MC successfully
blocked the audiences’ attention into stories about the animals’ special
features. It was amazing to know that cheetah could out-run a car at 65mph, the African wild cat has two eye-like-dots behind its ears that are
used to fool its predators. Part one left in me a fun learning experience that
inspired me to re-visit Columbus Zoo for  further understanding. Part two came
after a break which stimulated a true musical hearing effect. The night was getting
dark. Music was the only thing the audience could sense. For the first time in
my life, jazz touched my whole body: head, heart, soul. Sound from many
trumpets harmonized into a beautiful rhythm. The incredible solo performance of
the legendary Bobby Floyd entertained all audience members with the magic dance of his
keyboard touches, bringing out a lovely string of tunes. The lush vocals of
Kelly Crum Delaveris was just like a heart-touch to people’s feelings.

It was truly a party of music that one could hardly experience in life!

Ha Dang

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2 Responses to Columbus has Zoo. Columbus has Jazz. And Columbus has JazZoo.

  1. Thanks for coming out! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    • JBisajazzfan says:

      Nice verbal portrait of a great evening, Ha. JazZoo is a great collaboration that creates a special experience for patrons of the Zoo and Jazz Arts Group. The walk to the river bank through the zoo, and concert in a secluded, serene setting, creates a special experience. BTW, you’ll never hear/see “Rhapsody in Blue” perfomed that way on You Tube – it was a special edition by Bobby and the Band…real creatvity in action.

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