Greetings Fellows and friends!

Today we hosted a luncheon at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center (I was upset I didn’t get a chance to run and find Shelley while I was there. Oh well, maybe I’ll make it there another time this summer.) The luncheon was held to introduce engineering firms to EcoSummit 2012 and explain the connections between ecosystem restoration (which is what EcoSummit is really about) and engineering. I never would have guessed it before my time here at MORPC working on EcoSummit, but engineering is one of the most important components ecosystem restoration. Engineers work with scientists to help preserve and restore existing ecosystems and even create new ones. The OSU Olentangy Wetlands (located on the Olentangy bike path, off of Dodridge) is man-made and it has been designated as the 24th Ramsar Wetland of International Importance in the United States (which, believe me is a very, very big deal.)

After a lot of hard work the luncheon was definitely a success! We got a lot of great feedback and it went off fairly hitch-free, which is lucky as it was certainly a challenge to put together. RSVP’s were rolling in less than 24 hours before, the invitation didn’t go out until less than two weeks before and even then many of the invitees did not receive them (probably lost in spam) and I found myself drowned in follow-up calls for a few days. All in all however it was a great event and it was such a good feeling to see it all come together after having put so much work into it.

Another highlight of this week was getting to see Matt! He stopped by MORPC yesterday afternoon to talk with my boss so we got a chance to sit down and chat for a little while. In addition to this Fellowship I’m going to school this quarter so I unfortunately have been too busy to make it to any of the fun activities Alicia’s planned so it was definitely nice to have time to hear all about the exciting things that Matt is doing at Habitat for Humanity.

Well that about wraps it up for now! Have a wonderful week.

Bailey-Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission.

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