Another great week at Green Columbus has seemed to fly by! But as usual, there is much to report!

Erin and I have decided to hold a pre-meeting meeting around mid-August to help plan our official first meeting of the Central Ohio Green Schools Initiative. This planning meeting will serve as a chance to gauge what issues are the most important to schools when working towards sustainability as well as an opportunity for feedback regarding my resource guide. I am very happy to report that eight schools have expressed interest in attending our meeting in September!! We have a great diversity of regional representation (six counties in total) both private and public schools as well as at least one elementary, middle, and high school. All of these schools will be invited to attend our meeting in September but we decided to reach out to schools that are registered eco-schools or have already-existing eco-programs to help plan the official meeting. I just sent the invitation email for our August meeting and I am very excited!

Last week was also our July Green Drinks! The event was held at Woodland’s Tavern in Grandview and I had a great time! The event was also held by the Sierra Club. The two main topics discussed at the event were big coal/oil and the health of local water supplies. We had several fantastic speakers who spoke of ways to conserve local water supplies and the dangerous, poor quality of our air. After the speakers finished, they also took time to speak personally with those who wanted to further discuss the topics of water conservation and air quality.  I had a wonderful time learning about issues that affected our local community and it was great to meet individuals who were active in the environmental movement here in Columbus! 

In preparation for our meeting in August, the resource guide has to be as finalized as possible so we can forward it to those attending for review before the meeting so I will be spending time over the next week working on that. Also, with most school administrations and teachers returning August 1 in preparation for the school year, I will also be kick staring my outreach to make sure I reach as many of those interested as possible!

-Alex ~Green Columbus

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