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Week 6 – A Very Productive One

My experience at Tech Corps is getting more and more exciting. I am enjoying a steep learning curve and a power to get things done my own. As part of the annual report that I am working on, I had … Continue reading

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Birthday Blues (in Rhapsody)

Most of you probably do not know this, but today is my **rd birthday. And as birthdays tend to do, this day has caused me to reflect on why these milestones hold such significance in our lives. Birthdays are like … Continue reading

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Getting our Collaboration On!

Hello! So sorry for the delay in last week’s post! The reason this post is so late is because we have added a new member to our collaborative team! Leslie Strader works with the Mayor’s office and she is also working … Continue reading

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Week Five: Broadway Meets Hollywood!

This past week was very busy at Jazz Arts Group as we prepared for our second concert in the JazZoo series,  “Broadway Meets Hollywood.” I had done a lot of preparation for Friday’s show, including securing the use of a … Continue reading

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Ups and Downs

This week, I focused on narrowing down the key points of my project. I am working on a promotional piece for the volunteer program that needs to have key things that will attract volunteers to the center. I wanted a … Continue reading

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In Reality…

In reality, we achieved something.  And while that something remains either ambiguous or personal, the something we achieved was worth every minute.  Our march to the capital building, however tiresome, was pivotal for the children who participated.  With so many … Continue reading

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Half-Way Through the Fellowship

Time flies like an arrow. We are approaching the half-way mark of my summer fellowship. My project at Tech Corps is entering the production phase. My first “product” – Tech Corps Brand Identity Manual came out last week, and next … Continue reading

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