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Week Ten: Conclusion

I was pleased and honored to be able to present about my fellowship experience on Friday, August 19th at The Columbus Foundation.  The room was full of members of the selection committee, employees from The Columbus Foundation, non-profit site supervisors, … Continue reading

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In conclusion…

Hello again Fellows and friends, I’ve spent a good deal of time these past few weeks considering how I can best sum up, describe, and in some ways exhibit the work I have been doing during the course of this … Continue reading

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Where a Caterpillar Ends, a Butterfly Begins

This week marked the beginning of the end of my ten-week fellowship here at The National Center for Adoption Law and Policy. In addition to invaluable professional experience, I have also gained a far greater appreciation for attorneys and social workers … Continue reading

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Week Nine: Elvis, The Beatles, and Beyond!

As Jazz Arts Group wrapped up the JazZoo! season with “Elvis, The Beatles, and Beyond,” I couldn’t help but feel like the summer had flown by before it even really began! I had a very busy week, because not only was … Continue reading

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Story of the week

Last week I interviewed Victoria Richards, a former TECH CORPS/NSBE Jr. student who participated in the program from her sophomore year until her senior year at Gahanna Lincoln High School. Graduated from the program in 2011, Victoria had been accepted … Continue reading

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In the Shadows of Self

Time for a pre-conclusion wrap-up—I’ll owe the blogosphere one more post by Friday. Whether an intended consequence or inadvertent result of The Columbus Foundation’s Fellowship, I’ve discovered Columbus in a fresh way this summer. I’m not going to defend the … Continue reading

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And now…we wait!

This is it! The complete project is just about ready to hit the printing press. The project is finally laid out perfectly but the final touches just need to be addressed. One PowerPoint needs to be uploaded to the Center’s … Continue reading

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What’s in Your Name?

For the past 400 years, one man has cultivated and maintained one of the most successful personal brands in the history of the world. But he never had a publicist. He never had formal training in marketing or communications. In … Continue reading

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I typically save the title of my post until after I have written the body. This time, only one word came to mind once I was done tapping away furiously at the keyboard… busy. This fellowship may be coming to … Continue reading

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The meaning of this post is encompassing everything from my very first post and how everything has come to a full circle.  This morning as I signed campers in I identified over 10 different types of birds as they flew … Continue reading

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