Summer School: Part 1

This past week at NCALP, we hosted 47 attorneys and social workers from around the country for the Interdisciplinary Child Welfare Institute. Although I was not heavily involved with ICWI’s daily activities, I was able to sneak peeks throughout the week under the alias of master photographer extraordinaire.

In addition to the boring “school stuff” that is inevitably tied to a continuing education course, there were things scattered throughout the week that helped break up the PowerPoint-induced monotony.

On Monday, the attendees participated in a mini-mixer that allowed them to get to know the students from out of town, in addition to NCALP and Capital University Law School staff members.

On Thursday, the ICWI participants took on a unique and difficult challenge: interviewing children. In order to successfully execute this hands-on learning exercise, we needed to round up some kiddies. So we hit the streets of Downtown, Crayola paraphernalia and sugary sweets in hand, to find some youthful volunteers (just kidding!). The children actually belonged to NCALP and Capital University staff members and ranged in age from about five to 13 years old. In addition to helping the ICWI attendees gain some valuable experience dealing with children, this activity provided some very interesting conversation and entertainment.

Friday was the final day of ICWI and preparations for the closing luncheon kept me busy. All. Day. Long. Marking the end of the course, the luncheon is a speed-networking session for the attendees with legal professionals from all over the Columbus area. Business cards and legal jargon were flying and by the end of the two and a half hour luncheon, I was thoroughly exhausted.

But there’s no rest for the weary, and this week we get to do it all over again for the Summer Adoption Law Institute.

Mais, c’est la vie.

Have a great week!


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