The Rainbow after the Storm

This week was MUCH better (thank goodness). I made a lot of progress on my project and nothing too dramatic happened. I went through the video and found clips that would be great for volunteers to see. In the end, I found 10 clips that would be useful for volunteers and with a little help from my bosses and co-workers we were able to tweak and finalize the best clips. We then upoloaded the videos to YouTube but found a way to keep the videos private without all of the world being able to access them. Since children are involved, we did not want the clips floating around online.

Once the clips were uploaded, I was then able to input them into the Volunteer Orientation PowerPoint. But, in the process of doing this I found that it would be better for the videos to be embedded into the PowerPoint versus linked in the PowerPoint. The software I’m using is the 2003 version so it does not have the capability to embed video the “easy” way so I had to do a little research to find a way to make it happen. On site at the Center, I found a way to embed the video and it worked perfectly. It looked very professional and it was very user-friendly BUT I emailed the PowerPoint to myself and it would NOT play at home. I’m a little disappointed because I can’t see a reason why it will not play off-site but I’m going to look into it first thing Monday morning!

For my promo PowerPoint, I came up with a video clip that is the cutest thing in the world! It’s so funny watching the clip because it almost seems as if it was scripted but it’s not! It truly brings meaning to the saying, “kids say the darndest things!” This clip was uploaded to YouTube as well but would not play off-site:-(

And as a side note…On Friday, I happened to be in the mailroom when one of my co-workers mentioned that the Kroger on E. North-Broadway was closing down Friday night and everything, especially meat and other perishable items, was on sale.

Well, being that I LOOOVE to eat and had a little extra cash, I headed down there as soon as the Center closed at 2:30. I immediately went to the meat department and sure enough there were $2.00 packs of chicken and Angus T-Bone steaks for $6.00!! I couldn’t believe it but as I turned to put meat into my cart I saw one co-worker, then another, and another! It was soo funny,  the Center had a mini reunion in the meat department at Kroger, lol!

I’ll never forget that day. And, I must tell you that the meat came out great on the grill this weekend (YUM!) 🙂

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