Week Seven: I Got Rhythm

This week was a little different at Jazz Arts Group –  there were no cheetahs, grown up big bands, or red carpets.

With no impending JazZoo! concert looming, things have been a little more relaxed here at the office, and we have mostly been playing catch-up to some of the tasks that got neglected on account of producing three consecutive concerts!

I have mostly been working on entering all of the contact information into a spreadsheet, which will later be merged into our master mailing list.  So far, I have added over 250 new entries!  To collect the information, we have had volunteers, interns, and myself help pass out contact cards.  The incentive for audience members to fill out the card is so they can be entered into a drawing to win either a CJO subscription or a Zoo membership.  Something I have found amusing was that more often than one would think, I get asked the question, “How much are they?”  When I reply they are free, people are usually more than willing to fill out a card!

I also had the opportunity to spend some time this week over at JAG’s educational facility, the Jazz Academy.  The Jazz Academy is located on the fourth floor of the Lincoln Theater complex, and is used for multi-generational and recreational music making, ensemble playing, after-school programs, technology instruction,  lectures with world-class musicians, and much more.

This week, I manned the office while Jazz Academy faculty members Cedric Easton and Rachel Kelly taught the music portion of the YMCA Performing Arts Camp.  Each week, a different group of kids from YMCA’s all over Columbus come to the Lincoln Theater.  They have the opportunity to choose if they want to learn music, dance, or theater, and after practicing their chosen discipline all week, they have a little performance on Friday.  This week, I was the emcee for Hilltop’s YMCA Performing Arts Camp Showcase!

YMCA campers interact with instructor Rachel Kelly.

The students even get to play with professional Columbus-area musicians!

Campers interact with professional musician Derek Dicenzo.

In addition to being at the JAG office and the Jazz Academy, I spent Wednesday morning over at The Columbus Foundation, where Quiana Williams shared about her role as the executive director of the Human Service Chamber of Franklin County.  It was very interesting to learn more about the Chamber’s 501(c)(4) status, and to learn about up-and-comers, like Quiana, in the Columbus nonprofit Community.

In two weeks, JAG gears up again for our final JazZoo! concert of the season, “Elvis, The Beatles, and Beyond!”

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