Details, Details, Details…and more Details!

This past week has been all about details. Just when it seems that things are winding down, more things pop up! I am in the final stages of my power points but at the last minute, I had a string of technical difficulties. Everything from the videos opening in separate pop-up windows, to security warnings prohibiting the power points from being opened. The saddest part about it is I’ve had to re-format BOTH power points from start to finish. My second layout consisted of embedding the videos in the power points which looked really neat and cool BUT, for some strange reason they would not play unless a particular plug-in was downloaded. This would not work because the power points must be user-friendly. If people had to download the latest plug-in before they viewed the power points, they would quickly abandon them and it would be a lost cause 😦

So, the third layout consisted of combined videos and linking to them differently than the first layout. This has been a technological nightmare that has kept me stressed but I think I’ve gotten somewhere! I’m waiting to see if any of my testers ran into problems but I’m thinking this layout is a go.

To add more convenience to potential volunteers, paperwork is also being uploaded online. This sounds like a great idea at first but you also have to take into account the editing process of all this paperwork; updating letterheads, checking for updated policies/information, making sure formats match (you get my drift)…so when it’s all said and done, the only words that come to mind about this past week are Details, Details, Details……and oh, did I mention Details?! Lol

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