Moments of the week

Clock is ticking. In two weeks my internship at Tech Corps will come to an end. I feel rushed as I want to complete many things before I leave.

I have collected testimonials and stories for the Tech Corps annual report. I interviewed 11 students, parents, volunteers and partners and was really inspired by all the experiences they had with Tech Corps in the various programs and settings. And I believe these stories will tell more about Tech Corps’ mission and achievements as they come from the perspectives of different people. Interestingly, my Story-of-the-Week was not among these 11 interviews. It came to me as I sat in one of the final presentations of Camp IT
program (*).

Jhanice Leslie - Tech Corps Camp IT 2011
Jhanice Leslie – Tech Corps Camp IT 2011

“Camp IT made a difference in my life because Instead of running the streets with my friends this whole summer I worked to help my family out but still had time for my friends. It kept me out of trouble.  I also got a good work experience and now I think I’m ready to get a part time job making good money. This program helped me to be more independent and responsible. Camp IT was a success.” With this statement, Jhanice Leslie represented nearly 100 participants of Camp IT 2011 in presenting how value their camp experience was. After the camp, inspired by their camp instructors, many students found an interest in pursuing college (in various fields, not only technology related ones). With Jhanice Leslie, Camp IT helped her to build up her profile for a good earning part-time job and to learn to behave in a work environment and in life. How simple it is for such a meaningful change in a human life! I valued her story for that reason. I can imagine that the people involved in offering this program at Tech Corps and Lead the Way feel proud of this achievement as well.

Last week we created a new Tech Corps Facebook Fan Page. To be able to register for a “Tech Corp” name we needed at least 25 people to “like” the page. The campaign to recruit 25 people was exciting and fun. All the Tech Corps staff gathered in our office reaching out to their friends through various ways: email, Facebook, messages, and phone calls. We flirted and even threatened people to take action J. We refreshed our “like” status
every half-minute, checking the results, cheering every time we got closer to
the magic number. And then at 2:45pm on August 4th, 2011, after
about 2 hours of tracking, Lisa Chambers, Tech Corps National Director pressed
“CONFIRM” to give birth to our Facebook Fan Page named: Tech Corps National

TechCorps national fan page

( This step was to prepare for a
coming social media campaign which would help to promote the new Tech Corps
national organization (from Tech Corps Ohio). We are all excited about that!

Week 8 has passed with these meaningful moments. I am getting more and more excited to see the final products coming out in the next few weeks.

Ha Dang

(*) Camp IT was a six-week half-day program administered by Lead The Way in collaboration with Tech Corps. High school student campers, who with disabilities or in extreme situations were exposed to different aspects of information technology and from there, explored their inspiration in technology related careers. Campers earned $8/hour stipend during the camp.

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