Rounding Third, Heading for Home

The past two weeks have been out-of-control busy! In addition to the Summer Institutes and my regular work at NCALP, I have had weddings and baby showers to attend, plus family in from out of town. I am convinced that the cosmos is conspiring against me and cramming an entire summer’s worth of happenings into a three-week period. Moral of the story? I am going to need therapy. So. Much. Therapy.

Here’s the CliffsNotes version; mental breakdown to follow.

Last Friday, we ended SALI, the second and final summer institute course. This year, a record number of students were in attendance, which was excellent news for NCALP.

As for the Autumn Wine Celebration, NCALP’s annual fundraiser, I am in a race against time to finish up all of the invitations, print materials and social media postings. Not only do I need to have everything completed and in its final format by the time I leave, I also have to get the files to the printer so that invitations can be sent out at the end of the month.

Slowly, but surely, I am working my way toward the bottom of the pile of print marketing pieces that need to be redesigned for the Center. Thankfully, I have finished up everything except for NCALP’s fellowship marketing, which I am completing this week.

Seeing as how I hardly have time to breathe right now, a detailed description of all the work I’m doing is simply not possible (I can hear your hearts breaking). Instead, I shall give you the next best thing – my portfolio.  So if you have a few free minutes, check it out! It contains almost all of the pieces I have done at NCALP so far and will give you a much better idea of the work I’ve been doing.

Finish strong, fellow Fellows!


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