Week Eight: Preparations and More

This past week at Jazz Arts Group has really flown by!  The staff and I have been busy making preparations for our fourth and final JazZoo! concert, “Elvis, The Beatles and Beyond.” 

I have been busy e-mailing performers and guest artists, organizing customer data, and of course, communicating with the rest of the JAG staff.  From start to finish, I have to work as part of the team.  There are so many things I can learn from working with others, as well as so many different ideas presented from so many perspectives.  We have had some fun brainstorming about ideas for our special surprise announcement that will happen at this Friday’s JazZoo!

There are many exciting things happening at this last concert, from the incorporation of the classic rock theme to the debut performance of JAG’s One Night Only “guest conductor!”  It is very rewarding to see each concert be a success.

I was pleased when Carol McGuire, our board president, introduced me to two of JAG’s new board members, Linda Brown and Karen Fasheun, and they all said they enjoyed reading my blog!  I am happy that I can give others sort of an “insider’s look” to the doings of JAG!

On Thursday, my supervisors and the rest of the staff held a special lunch to say “Thanks!” to myself and the interns.  It was really a great feeling to know that my work here is appreciated and valuable to the organization.  I hope that I continue to make an impact in the non-profit world throughout the rest of my career, and hopefully someday on a bigger scale!

It is hard to believe that this ten-week fellowship is nearing it’s close!  I have learned a great deal about communication and working as part of a team.  I look forward to sharing more of my thoughts in this forum as the fellowship comes to an end.

As always, be sure to check out the last JazZoo! concert this Friday, August 12th, with special guests Dan Faehnle or Pink Martini, and Jonathan Elliot of hugely popular Columbus band The Floorwalkers!

– Janelle, Jazz Arts Group

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