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Last week I interviewed Victoria Richards, a former TECH CORPS/NSBE Jr. student who participated in the program from her sophomore year until her senior year at Gahanna Lincoln High School. Graduated from the program in 2011, Victoria had been accepted into the college of engineering at five universities. She received a scholarship from the National Society of Black Engineers to enroll The Ohio State University for environmental engineering in this fall. Victoria’s experience with the program epitomizes exactly what Tech Corps is hoping to accomplish: inspiring the next generation of technology leaders.

Victoria shared to me: “before I was involved in Tech Corps NSBE Jr., I wasn’t really sure what type of engineering I wanted to go into. As soon as I got into the program, everything worked out. I got to explore the different types of disciplines within engineering. So, I found what I like to do”. She seemed passionate with the perspective of being an environmental engineer “I want to make the world a better place and more environmentally safe.”

TECH CORPS/NSBE Jr. Chapter Seniors and TC National Director (left) @ Celebration Banquet

Victoria Richards (second from left) and her TECH CORPS/NSBE Jr. Chapter Seniors with TC National Director (left) @ Celebration Banquet

Working with the TECH CORPS/NSBE Jr. Chapter Victoria has had the opportunity to network with many professional engineers and college students, including those that attended the National Society of Black Engineers Convention in Toronto, Canada. “I got a
lot of good advice. It was also cool to be able to travel to another country,”

“I would definitely suggest other students to be in Tech Corps, especially if they are looking to go into engineering fields or STEM, because there is a lot of support here, a
lot of resources that Tech Corps provides, especially the NSBE Jr. Chapter. It goes beyond just coming to the program. I have a deeper relationship with the people here and I really value that.”

Victoria’s story is not unique among students participating in Tech Corps programs. Hundreds of students, from elementary to high school are being exposed to computers and technology-related knowledge which helps them to explore their passion and talent in the field. The Tech Corps people, board, staff, volunteers, partners, and donors are contributing their share to make changes in many lives. Are you ready to be in with us?

Ha Dang – reported from Tech Corps

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