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What’s in Your Name?

For the past 400 years, one man has cultivated and maintained one of the most successful personal brands in the history of the world. But he never had a publicist. He never had formal training in marketing or communications. In … Continue reading

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I typically save the title of my post until after I have written the body. This time, only one word came to mind once I was done tapping away furiously at the keyboard… busy. This fellowship may be coming to … Continue reading

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The meaning of this post is encompassing everything from my very first post and how everything has come to a full circle.  This morning as I signed campers in I identified over 10 different types of birds as they flew … Continue reading

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Rounding Third, Heading for Home

The past two weeks have been out-of-control busy! In addition to the Summer Institutes and my regular work at NCALP, I have had weddings and baby showers to attend, plus family in from out of town. I am convinced that the cosmos is conspiring … Continue reading

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Week Eight: Preparations and More

This past week at Jazz Arts Group has really flown by!  The staff and I have been busy making preparations for our fourth and final JazZoo! concert, “Elvis, The Beatles and Beyond.”  I have been busy e-mailing performers and guest … Continue reading

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Armchair Musings from Green Columbus

Hello again! The days are just flying by! Only two weeks left at Green Columbus and it feels like just yesterday that I started my fellowship here. Its hard to fight off the sentimental thoughts as I curl up in … Continue reading

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Moments of the week

Clock is ticking. In two weeks my internship at Tech Corps will come to an end. I feel rushed as I want to complete many things before I leave. I have collected testimonials and stories for the Tech Corps annual … Continue reading

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