Off to a Great Start

I am very thankful for this opportunity to work with The Homeless Families Foundation, and my Summer Fellowship is off to a great start! Earlier this week, I was able to tour The Dowd Education Center… WOW! I was really blown away by what I experienced and what I learned. The Dowd Education Center is somewhat tucked away from Broad Street, so many people may not be aware of its location. But I truly hope that EVERYONE in Columbus is made aware of the incredible impact that The Dowd Education Center has on the children of our community.

The Dowd Center is such an amazing place, with extremely talented, compassionate, and dedicated leaders, teachers, and staff members. Each room is alive with colorful murals that not only brighten your spirit, but also provide meaning and insight into the history of The Dowd Education Center and the children whose lives have been so positively impacted.

If you haven’t been to The Dowd Education Center, you can watch a video at the following link (and feel free to spread the word… you can share this link with others!)…

So in recognition of all of the incredible work that is being done for children at the Dowd Center, I definitely feel pressure to deliver meaningful results this summer. My goal is to complete a transportation feasibility study in order to ensure that children can continue to be safely transported to and from The Dowd Education Center. More to come!

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