Finding the Upside of Down (syndrome)

After a week and a half (I must apologize for the tardiness of this post, as blogging is a challenging new adventure for me) of working with the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio, affectionately noted as DSACO (di-SAH-co), I can honestly say that I am loving it even more than I had expected. What was once a fortunate combination of everything I was looking to do this Summer has become all of that and more: a pure blessing.

DSACO has a full smorgasbord of events, programs, and services to help not only the lives of persons with Down syndrome, but their families as well (new parents, dads, siblings, etc.). And this has certainly helped form a wonderful community here in central Ohio that I had never even guessed existed. The members of DSACO, I have found, seem so much like a family, and I am so grateful to be given a chance to see more into that family and even work on becoming a member myself. Per the positive stereotypes, the kids and adults I have had the fortune of working with through DSACO’s Golf Academy and Summer Learning Academy have shown a love so untainted, a smile so genuine, and a laughter so contagious, that I wake up every morning excited to go to work, excited to learn something new, and excited to notice my own life changing when I’m supposed to help change theirs.

Want to be inspired? Check out the Lose The Training Wheels bike camp hosted by DSACO each summer, and see children with Down syndrome conquer two-wheelers for the first time with the biggest grins on their faces.


Want to be encouraged? Check out the Golf Academy where new golfers with Down syndrome tackle the not-so-easy art of putting no matter what difficulties they face or how much time it takes


Want to be impressed? Check out our Summer Learning Academy where you will see elementary students with Down syndrome show an unparalleled interest in learning.

Want to help DSACO continue doing these things? Come support us at our annual Buddy Walk on September 23rd at Crew Stadium.

These ladies and gentlemen are amazing, and I am so excited to continue working here and learning more throughout the Summer!

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