Livin’ the Good Life

The best thing about doing work for others is that there are always great people around you that are interested in helping and supporting your efforts. I first learned this for my Eagle Scout Project while I was raising over $10,000 for a memorial garden that I designed and planted at our high school for all the students and staff who had passed away during their tenure at my alma mater (shout out to Big Walnut!). So many people in the community were quick to donate money, ideas, and services, and not only did I meet a lot of cool community leaders, but I really had fun doing my project because of it.

On Friday, this realization came to me again when the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio (DSACO) met at Buffalo Wild Wings to continue planning for our annual golf outing fundraiser. DSACO is teaming up with Bdubs, Dr. Kivitko (a local dentist and radio host for Dentally Speaking with Dr. Kivitko) and Ohio State basketball legends to put on a golf outing that will truly be the bee’s knees.

While I drooled over my wings (free, and oh my word do I love wings, so thank you Bdubs) in the presence of Scoonie Penn, I quietly listened in on the conversations across the table of some of my all-time favorite things (wings, golf, and Ohio State basketball). As a kid, I remember watching Scoonie Penn and his shooting prowess along with Michael Redd lead Ohio State to the Final Four. I couldn’t believe I was sitting across the table from him at one of my favorite restaurants for a business meeting!

I also had the great fortune on Monday to attend a Kiwanis International meeting at the immaculate Athletic Club of Columbus, where I met successful businessmen and ladies and gentlemen who have made real positive impacts on the Columbus community.

I have truly been blessed this summer by The Columbus Foundation and DSACO for being giving the privilege and honor of working with some of my former role models (like Scoonie), some of my new role models (the Down syndrome kids), and many people who I’ve been able to learn from and have fun with. We’re doing big things at DSACO, and I’m living the good life.

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