Community Collaboration

Time flies when you’re having fun… I can’t believe this is week 3!

This week, I continued reaching out to community partners. Related to student transportation, I’m in search of general expertise, mapping software, routing software, confirmation of safety requirements, identification of excess capacity in the community, etc, etc. I was able to meet with both MORPC and CRP, and they provided me with several new contacts who might be able to help out as well.

Based on internet research, I’m learning how to become a saavy consumer of student transportation. One option to consider is the use of a private vendor. So I began calling transportation vendors, in search of those who are well qualified to transport children. After these initial phone conversations, I was able to identify only a few strong candidates. So I am working to interview those companies using a consistent and thorough list of questions that cover issues related to vehicles (type, availability, age, technology), drivers (qualifications, experience, training, licensing, compliance), service (on-time performance, professionalism, flexibility), safety (regulations, seat belts, vehicle maintenance/ inspection, accident records, student supervision, and emergency planning), efficiency & cost (optimization of routes, ways to minimize costs), and vendor credentials (company stability, management qualifications, references, etc).

Today, I also attended a learning session at the Columbus Foundation, where I was able to check in with the other summer fellows. Cramer & Associates gave a very lively and engaging presentation on fundraising. They set the bar really high, so I’m definitely looking forward to attending additional learning sessions over the next several weeks!

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