A week of crossing things off of my bucket list

It’s funny that Melissa below mentions the Strengths Finder test because this week I FINALLY got to take it myself!   For years I’ve been hearing my friends talk about their results for a greek retreat, leadership retreat, etc., and taking it has always been on my list.  My office does a great job with staff related activities and one of the more recent ones revolved around taking the Strengths Finder 2.0 Test and everybody talks about their results all of the time.  I share an office with my two bosses and hearing them talk about their “woo” was a little confusing and I was ready to be able to share my strengths!

I scored: Significance, Communication, Harmony, Relator, and Input.  Check out the website if you’re more curious about what this test is and what the strengths mean.  Essentially though, it’s funny that I’m in a development and fundraising office and the “woo” factor isn’t at the top of my list.  Woo is exactly what it sounds like–the ability to get people to like you and cooperate well with you.  However, I found my strengths actually make sense for a fundraising and development professional.  Together, my strengths tell me that I love to be a part of a team and facilitate it’s survival and to form strong, personal relationships with people.  This reminds me that there are several ways to skin a cat; there are different types of people that make great fundraisers (and salesmen :)! ).  This book was also really motivating in that the emphasis is on what people do best.  The author of the book argues that for years Americans have poured effort into removing their weaknesses and focusing on them in lieu of honing their strengths and touting them.  It was a breath of fresh air for me as an A-type personality who consistently focuses on what I have to work on!

Some other things I got to do this week included a working lunch and dinner at Level and a another lunch at Union Cafe in the Short North.  Despite living in Columbus for four years, I have somehow never made it to these restaurants and I’m glad I finally did!

Until next week,


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