Cars for Good- Please vote!

Happy Friday everyone!

The Ohio Association of Foodbanks is a finalist for Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good,  which is a giveaway of 100 vehicles to 100 non-profits in 100 days (and I’m 100 percent sure you want to help!).

TOMORROW, July 7th, the Ohio Association of Foodbanks is competing against four other non-profits for a Toyota Camry Hybrid, we need YOUR HELP to make us a winner!! If you have a Facebook (which isn’t far fetched to say that you probably do), then please vote for the Ohio Association of Foodbanks (formerly the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks) tomorrow starting at 10 AM!!! You can click on this link, search for 100carsforgood on Facebook or go directly to our 100 Cars For Good Page here. Simply click on the vote tab and vote for us! It’s easy!! Share also with your friends on Facebook so that we can be sure to make the Ohio Association of Foodbanks a winner!!!

Check out these short videos for the contest.

This first one is explaining the contest:

This one is our entry video:

Your support would be incredibly appreciated! As said int he video, we could use this vehicle to reach more Ohioans, extending our Ohio Benefit Bank services.

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend (don’t forget to vote!),



About Melissa Papic

Excited to work this summer as a Columbus Foundation Fellow, serving The Ohio Association of Foodbanks!
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