“Wannabe” Graphic Designer

Week four. Day 20. I already feel like I’ve been at the Guild for months!

I feel like this because there’s so much going on around me. Kids are at SYEP camp at Camp Mary Orton. ACES started its new Pre-K program last week. The KEYS program has just revved up its engine, with new employees and orientations. Teachers are gearing up for classes to start-up in mid July. And the D&O team … I like to believe they’re always busy but this summer it just seems magnetized.

Thankfully, I’m here to help this summer.

Linda told me in my interview that she needed her Fellow to be creative. She needed them to be what she wasn’t. She told me later, after I was selected, that I was everything they were looking for and needed.

Since I first started at the Guild, I’ve been needed to do many different types of tasks. Analyzing the website, brainstorming themes and concepts for the Annual Report and Holiday Campaign, writing blogs and tidbits about the Guild, coordinating deadlines and articles for the newsletter and Annual Report, helping out at GED graduation, running small errands, shooting photos if needed, and designing.

Design. This is where my “heart truly lies.” My passion. (Other than Johnny Depp movies, if you didn’t already notice my quote!)

Surly Girl Saloon placemat, BOD nameplate, informational brochure, mailchimp template, and web construction using Post Its.

I only wish I had more of a role in designing the actual Annual Report and newsletter. Godman Guild has an out-of-house designer, like most nonprofits do. Maybe I could be the future IN-house designer in a couple of years… It doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?


About Stephanie L. Parker

I am passionate about many things, the most important being graphic design, photography, and journalism. These three things are where my greatest strengths lie and I hope to, someday, impact the world positively with my growing skills.
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