Say R-E-A-D Alouuuud!

This morning I had the honor and pleasure to be the Read Aloud guest at my organization’s Freedom School! After blogging and tweeting of other’s experiences for the past two weeks,  (click here to read about that aspect of my job) I finally had my chance today to share the gift of reading with the scholars.

Dave, my supervisor here at CD4AP, is really receptive to the ideas and proposals I put forward to integrate into my fellowship experience. I am so happy that I gathered the courage to ask to be a Read Aloud guest and even more happier to be a reader. I didn’t think of asking Dave until the second week. All of our past guests are prominent community members or our sponsor partners so I didn’t think I would “qualify” to be a reader. All of the readers expressed positive and moving experiences with our scholars in their interviews, I knew that I had to at least ask and try to read.

The story I chose was The Paperbag Princess written by Robert Munsch and illustrated by Michael Martchenko. My third or second grade teacher read it to us in class and that story has always stuck with me, I love it so much! It’s such a great yet simple story to encourage kids to be stand up for them self and expect respect and appreciation from those who you love. Plus, it doesn’t have the typical “happily ever after” ending which I also really enjoyed as a kid.

Since I do manage the social media updates of Harambee, it was a little weird blogging about myself. I also carried a twitter conversation between the All People CDF Freedom School account and my own handle. That was a very bizarre experience and I hope I don’t have to do it again. Click here to read the blog posting of my read aloud experience.

Fun fact, this past Halloween I was the Paperbag Princess. I don’t recommend this costume for anyone who is sensitive to cold. If I was in California for Halloween that might have been a more pleasurable experience.



About amseir01

I am a senior studying Public Affairs, Design, and Latin American Studies at The Ohio State University. I have diverse interests to combine art, advocacy, and public service into a future profession. My short term ambitions after graduation include earning a Masters in Public Administration and working in the nonprofit sector, ideally to impact Hispanic communities.
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