DSACO up and running: full steam ahead

After an uneventful week without power until Thursday and internet until this past weekend, DSACO is again running on all cylinders and busier than ever! In addition to finalizing details for our Golf Outing Fundraiser in collaboration with Buffalo Wild Wings and Dr. Kvitko, picking back up our Golf Academy after taking the holiday off, beginning planning meetings for the Annual Adult Mini-Conference exploring health, advocacy, and employment, moving forward with our marketing campaign and committee meetings for our annual Buddy Walk fundraiser ($48,000 and counting!) on September 23rd, updating our database, and saying goodbye to our wonderful executive director Nancy Whetstone (phew, that’s a lot!), we just finished day one of our Summer Learning Academy; and it was FANTASTIC!

So basically, I already love my job. The office is fun, the work is great, I look forward to each day, and have never been so bummed to miss work as I was last week for the power outages. But it is days like today that get me fired up about DSACO and what we do.

We have eight absolutely adorable and excitable elementary students spending five weeks with us to continue their learning, foster growth, and avoid falling back in school during the break. Each one of them wants to learn and show off what they know, so it’s a high-energy morning from start to finish, and full of high-fives and laughter. With parents so appreciative and children so full of love, it’s hard not to really enjoy every interaction I have with our Down syndrome buddies and their families. And I am already rooting so hard for out Summer Learning Academy students to show improvement and continue to be excited about what they know.

Lastly, I would just like to thank the Columbus Foundation for this amazing opportunity and DSACO for a Summer that’s second to none. I’ve learned as much as I’ve enjoyed, I’ve been blown away by the support shown for the Down syndrome community by the parents, and I’ve laughed every day at the office with a wonderful staff!

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