Did you ‘step on a crack and break your mother’s back?’

Honestly, the way that the summer has been playing out for the city of Columbus, people must be walking under ladders AND on cracked sidewalks. At the same time.

Bad luck is on our horizons. (I seem to be unintentionally quoting Johnny Depp a lot in these blog posts. I swear I’m only slightly obsessed.)

Should I list the examples to prove my point?

  1. Scorching hot temperatures and no rain. Yes, we all know that drought conditions can be dangerous and I believe now the city of Columbus has experienced firsthand the side-effects of the drought.
  2. The Derecho that swept over the entire state of Ohio on June 29. I live on the third floor of a 3-story apartment building on Otterbein University campus, made of brick and has an industrial-like door. The door practically burst open because the winds were so strong.  Check out the photos Otterbein has posted on their Facebook page.

The storm damage seemed to be especially bad in the Westerville area. To tie the storm into reason 1, the intensity of the derecho was caused by the serve heat we have been suffering this summer. As said by examiner.com, the “system was fueled by extreme instability brought about by very hot and humid conditions.”

3. Train derailment in Northern Columbus. Many of you may be thinking, ‘how does this tie into the heat wave?’ Well, on June 22, a train came off of the tracks in MarylandMaryland Community News Online reported that “a heat kink” was to blame for the derailing. 

WMATA’s website explains the heat kink by saying:

“Heat kinks are short sections of misaligned track caused by the expansion of metal rails in extremely high temperatures and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. When the expanding rail cannot be constrained by cross-ties and ballast, the rail may expand outward from the normal track alignment.”

The train derailment in Northern Columbus happened on July 11 at approximately 2 a.m. Therefore, I have not heard of a decided “cause.” However, I would like to believe the cause of our train derailment is similar to the cause of the derailment in Maryland that happened just a few short weeks ago.

Despite the roadblocks and the policemen patrolling the area that surrounds the Guild, we are still at work today.

The best photo I could manage today as a policeman was scowling at me from his car.

The derailment happened just a mile or two up the road, yet we are still here. We are dedicated to the cause and are here to serve the Weinland Park community and surrounding areas.

The journalist bones in my body pulled me towards the wreckage, past the caution tape, past the roadblocks, however, one does not get pulled past police vehicles.

Derailed photojournalist, over and out.


About Stephanie L. Parker

I am passionate about many things, the most important being graphic design, photography, and journalism. These three things are where my greatest strengths lie and I hope to, someday, impact the world positively with my growing skills.
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