Heritage Concert Series, Week 1

After a month of doing art for the Kids Gallery, we were able to see the results of all the hard work! Last night, we set up the Kids Gallery for the first time this summer at the Heritage Concert Series.  We sold a lot of bracelets, necklaces, bookmarks and recycled flowers, and raised $54!

Last week, I finally felt that I was settling into a good routine, but the first week of the Kids Gallery display has brought up a host of new things to consider. First, how did the tent display affect the number of customers? We were in an awkward spot, and our set-up could definitely be more inviting and more openly present our goals and mission. For next week, we will be in a new location at the concert series, we are going to set up the tent for the parents to see after the festival, and we are going to make the gallery less of a walk-up table and more of a walk-through gallery, with more signs that invite people to support the Kids Gallery and buy children’s art.  Many kids came up to the tent last night waiting for me to bring out some art materials for them to make bracelets, and I felt bad that I had to turn them away and explain that we are selling art that has already been made! I think many adults at the festival had the same confusion and didn’t come up to see the art because they thought the tent itself was for kids.  Some new signs should help with that! Also, time-allowing, I am hoping I get the chance to build some eye-catching structures with some of the kids to bring in more customers.  Even without these improvements, the Kids Gallery was still a success!  Here are some more pictures of the event last night:

Now that we are immersed in the concert series and heading toward the after-school program, the marketing piece is going to come into play. The last week or so I have gained a lot of valuable experience working with Photoshop, Illustrator and Microsoft Word by making a logo, business cards and a few flyers.  Information is also up on the King Arts Complex website as well! I am so excited to see this project get rolling at the King Arts Complex. There are so many amazing things going on at the KAC, and I can’t wait to be more immersed in the daily happenings around here!


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