Leaving Work at Work, Attn: Fellows… How to Ask for Money, Family Homelessness

As a future social worker I have been told how this profession is susceptible to burn out.  This week I was tested with some tough situations.  Firstly I was faced with a homeless woman sleeping at the front entrance of our building.  Even though I told her about the shelter and food resources available she later came back to the office before I left to go home.  Secondly, an intern and I went up to a woman in a nearby park after we noticed she had been sitting there all week.  She explained to us how she was kicked out of Rebecca’s Place, a women’s shelter, and had no where to go.  We called the central point of access to see the shelter availability, but they were all full.  Though it can be easy to be frustrated with the system and the inability to really help someone I need to be able to keep these issues at work.

I have had troubles initially asking people for money to fund my programs.  While the Cramer and Associates presentation taught us how to build donor relationships, I am still finding it hard to ask people to support our programs.  I need to be able to sell our programs to people, who may know nothing about social services and may not even care.  Does anyone have advice or past experience with development?

This week I wrote an article about the effects of family homelessness on children.  I wrote what Columbus is doing and what they still need to do.  I visited the YWCA Family Center and talked with a child advocate and a family receiving services.  The center offered a wide range of services for the children including: a playground, summer camps, trips to COSI, gardening.  I also talked about opening up more family shelters and discussed the new Kinship Program.  This article will be in the new Street Speech edition starting July 20th.  Buy a copy for a $1 to read it while supporting the homeless individuals who sell them.


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