A very hectic three weeks

It has been a long time since a blog post for me–I’m sorry!  For the past 3 weeks we have been working on our biannual event at AIDS Resource Center Ohio, Art for Life, and it has been insane.  We are drowning in pieces of art at our warehouse and office.  It is also really cool :)!

Since I’ve come on board at ARC Ohio, I have cold called artists, tracked down a few of my own, managed an auction submission data base, arranged art, and taken so many pictures.  I have also seen the future layout of our event at the Columbus Museum of Art–it is going to be a beautiful evening! Overall, it has been a lot of fun!  I have never been a huge visual arts person (music has been where my strengths lie), but  I have grown to appreciate the process of creating a piece of art and, of course, the final product.  It has also been really awesome to match names to faces and titles to pieces after looking at spreadsheets and databases for so long.

This Friday we will be having our jury select what pieces will go to the live and silent auction; so after weeks of gathering art we will finally known which will be in the event.  It is a really great feeling to see an event come together that I have been a part of.

Below I have the link to our event page.  I think it will draw art lovers; supports of AIDS prevention, advocacy, and care; and those who are active in their Columbus community.  More or less, any and all are welcome and it is definitely an event to check out and track!



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